The cheapest, Most affordable VPS Hosting provider

There are many VPS providers now a days and which one to choose? I have tried most popular of them, DigitalOcean, vultr, Linode, etc. Digitalocean being the leader has a major drawback, their servers are slower than their competitors. Many of their customers complained about Don’t believe me, Just play and test yourself. They all […]

Why not to choose or use Shared hosting plans?

The biggest issue with the shared hosting providers (no matter how big companies they are Godaddy, Namecheap, 1&1, etc.) is the Inodes limit. Every shared hosting provider fools their customers by saying they provide unlimited storage space for as cheap as $2 or $5, which is a lie. Before paying for any shared hosting provider […]

Post installation steps for vestaCP (Nameservers, LetsEncrypt SSL, Redirect HTTP to HTTPS, Upgrading PHP and MariaDB)

Step 1 Set up own Name Servers (vanity/private/child nameservers) Use the guide here. Step 2 Install free LetsEncrypt Certificate for the main domain in Vestacp Log into the admin panel Go to Web Menu Click on Edit next to the main domain Select the SSL Support and LetsEncrypt Click save. Step 3 (Optional) By default the […]

Set up own Name Servers (vanity/private/child nameservers) in Vestacp on CentOS 7

If you want to manage DNS zones using Vesta Control Panel, you will have to create 2 dns records, point them to server IP address and use them as a nameservers for the domain. In this example, we will use and Domain registrar Every domain registrar has a different method of setting up […]

Host Multiple Domains / Websites on Single Digitalocean Droplet or other VPS Servers on CentOS 7

The best and easiest way is by using the vestacp Web Control Panel (cPanel Alternative), I have tried all web control panels and vestacp with Nginx with PHP-FPM is good. Vestacp with Nginx + Apache in backend i noticed panel load time between 1.5 – 2 seconds and with Nginx with PHP-FPM in the backend […]

Getting the URL correctly

Remove the {embed_url} code, Create a hidden field on your form. Allow the field to be populated dynamically by accessing the advanced tab and enabling the checkbox. Give it a parameter name: refurl Then add the following code at the bottom of your enabled theme’s functions.php file add_filter( ‘gform_field_value_refurl’, ‘populate_referral_url’); function populate_referral_url( $form ){ $refurl = $_SERVER[‘HTTP_REFERER’]; […]