The cheapest, Most affordable VPS Hosting provider

There are many VPS providers now a days and which one to choose?

I have tried most popular of them, DigitalOcean, vultr, Linode, etc.

Digitalocean being the leader has a major drawback, their servers are slower than their competitors. Many of their customers complained about Don’t believe me, Just play and test yourself.

They all are costly if compared to SSDNODES

Their plans are even cheaper than shared hosting providers.

I have been running my websites on their server and their uptime is 100%, seriously my VestaCP admin panel shows uptime of 100% since day 1 (Thats amazing)

I have been using their KVM – X-Large+ plan with 24GB ECC RAM, 120GB RAID10 SSD, 4x Intel E5/Gold vCPU, 12TB Transfer for $9.99/Month when i bought 3 years package. their plans are only payable as annually or tri-annually. The same configuration cost me ablout $80/ Month on digitalocean and about 16gb $80/Month on

you can install VestaCP web control panel and use a single VPS server to host multiple websites or domains same as in shared hosting plans.

If you are planning to go with SSDNODES then use the following link for signup (this will help me with some account credit)


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