Why not to choose or use Shared hosting plans?

The biggest issue with the shared hosting providers (no matter how big companies they are Godaddy, Namecheap, 1&1, etc.) is the Inodes limit.

Every shared hosting provider fools their customers by saying they provide unlimited storage space for as cheap as $2 or $5, which is a lie.

Before paying for any shared hosting provider just ask them what is the inodes limit. Most of them will provide about 2,50,000 inodes limit and which is very less. And every single file that is stored on the share dhosting server is counted as one inode, even a single email thatis stored or bought along with the shared hosting is counted as one inode. Theres no shared hosting provider that will offer unlimited inodes limit.

If you are planning to use any php script then you will regret your choice for shared hosting as PHP scripts uses large number of files.

Better to go with VPS servers. A single VPS server has over 2 million inodes file limit this can be increased by adding more storage space to your VPS server.

Now a days, the VPS servers are extremely affordable and are available at the cost similar to shared hosting. A single VPS server can be used to host  multiple websites or domains.

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